Satellite Events

Several satellite events will take place at the same venue on August 25th, 2020.


Avicenna Day

This event will be organized by the Avicenna Alliance. More detail soon.


SOFA Training Workshop

SOFA is an open source framework for multi-physics simulation and is being developed for more than 13 years. Today, SOFA benefits from a large international community made up of research centers and companies. The SOFA core has a LGPL license (permissive and non-contaminating) fostering the development of prototypes and products under any commercial license.
The open source consortium SOFA regularly organizes training sessions to learn how to use and develop in SOFA. The VPH2020 SOFA workshop aims at providing a wide introduction to SOFA and its community while ensuring the mathematical, physical and computer science backgrounds in order to start in the best conditions with SOFA. The preliminary program is as follows:
  • 09h00 - 09h45 Introduction to SOFA & SOFA main principles
  • 09h45 - 10h15 Projects involving SOFA
  • 10h15 - 10h30 break
  • 10h30 - 12h User tutorial (part 1)
  • 12h00 - 13h30 lunch time
  • 13h30 - 14h00 User tutorial (part 2)
  • 14h00 - 15h30 Theoretical backgrounds on physics simulation
  • 15h30 - 15h45 break
  • 15h45 - 17h00 Hands-on: developer tutorial

For registration or questions, use this contact form.

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